By the way....I REALLY like this site! Thanks ATTroll!

The only thing I saw at the Hot Springs hangout that is still intriguing me is the concept of straps instead of tree huggeres. It sure looked easy to lash them around the tree. I read Just Jeff's info about his testing of different styles and at one point he said he didn't feel the need to fix something that wasn't broken (paraphrasing here).

I'll admit, the only reason I'm still thinking about this is because I think it would be much easier to adjust the hammock, but I also read on WB that after a while, it's second nature to tie one up. I don't really mind tying the figure eight on my HH.

So what are the con's of using slap straps? I know you need a drip string, but what else am I not thinking of here? Thanks as always!