[QUOTE=txulrich;2091]What park? I grew up in SE MI and have prolly been there!

It's part of the Pinckney Recreation Area. I'm sure you've been there...it's extremely popular for mountain bikers, so that's the only drawback of hiking out there...on nice days you're constantly having to step aside for them. Funny...didn't see a soul last Saturday in the cold windy wet weather....wimpy bikers!

As for fire, I actually carried in some of those firestarters you use in your fireplace. The problem was location. The wind was blowing so hard we wouldn't have been able to get anything started there....maybe could have if I were in a better area that was protected from the wind a bit. I agree...I think having a fire would have allowed us to stay outside for several more hours. I'm usually pretty good at making fires (sort of a pyro), but have yet to conquer the soaked wood issue. Thanks for the ideas.

I also think that camping in a more sheltered area would have been impossible for my ground dwelling friends due to the slopey uneven ground....God...I love my hammock!