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When I made mine (based on Just Jeff's and blackbishop351's ideas as well as some others) I made the zipper really long. I use it more like a travel pod. There's NO pressure on the zipper on mine.

I used 1.9 DWR, and get lots of ventilation from the ends, which I don't cinch completely closed. It may be heavier than you need, or that you would make for yourself, although I do think the DWR can block more of the wind. I recently slept in the backyard at 28F with it, and it worked fine.

I made mine (thread is here) with
You use DWR nylon? Don't you have problems with condensation or a stuffy, humid environment inside the sock? The DWR I have experience with would not allow much air movement through the fabric, which would be great for it's wind stopper properties, but not so great for beathability.