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    I switched back to my rings on the hammock because I use 4 ft straps and sometimes trees were too big for the rings to pass thru the end loop. With your 10' straps this is not an issue. I think that if more people tried the garda hitch with the rings they would switch. This seatbelt poly packs really small compared to the one inch poly also.

    4' of seatbelt poly with loop in one end and spyderwire tied to the webbing with a sheetbend (WBG style). Spyderwire to the rings. I don't think it can get much lighter and still use the rings.

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    I think I agree...I've tried the garda hitch a few times on the back porch and I'm prolly gonna make the switch for good. And with the rings near the hammock, I can still adjust/center the hammock from under the tarp and I still get a water isolator.

    Haven't decided how long I want the huggers, though. I just got the Warbonnet ones a while back so I'll prolly end up just using those.
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    double thickness on tree huggers

    Since strapman is the resident expert on straps, I have a question for him:

    Last year, as I was browsing through Harbor Freight, I noticed that the straps used for car towing have the strap folded in half thus doubling the strap in the end loop.

    I thought this would be a good idea for tree huggers. It isn't going to make the hugger any stronger, but I thought the double thickness on the loop would take a lot longer to abrade through the strap.

    Accordingly, since then I have been doing the following:

    Before sewing the loop, I fold one side to the middle and sew it down, then fold the other side to meet and sew it down and then bar tack across the folds in 2, 3 or 4 places. Then I sew the loop. The folds are only about 2/3 to 3/4 of the loop. The end of the loop then ends up doubled and half the width of the strap. Sewing the folded parts takes maybe an extra 5 minutes per loop now that I have done it a few times.

    I like the half width part, it makes it easier to use with carabiners if nothing else. Also, since the doubled part is stiffer, that also makes using the carabiner easier.

    I haven't been doing this long enough to have noticed any longer life because of abrading the webbing though.

    In reflecting on this, I think it may also make the strap stronger since the most likely point of failure is in the end loop where the strap is bent around the carabiner, suspension rope or other device. The doubled thickness may help with that mode of failure.

    So, strapman, my question: Do you think the doubling is worth the effort or am I wasting my time?

    Anybody else have an opinion - please add yours also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeDee View Post
    Anybody else have an opinion - please add yours also.
    Wasn't the failure mode with the HH straps at the loops themselves where the rope wore or cut through?

    Using a carabiner or metal ring in the loop will greatly improve the abrasion part of that but that is still one layer of webbing at that point and I would think that would still be the point most likely to fail because it is a sharp bend. I would think you would increase the reliability by doubling the webbing in the loop rather than doubling the webbing everywhere except the loop.

    edit: It is getting late, never mind.
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