Hey All,

Does anybody out there have any desire to get together for a hang in Northern California's Redwood forest?

By Northern Cal I mean true NoCal, not those "central cal" locations

I am thinking somewhere between the Eureka California and Klammath California region.

We have some amazing old growth Redwood Groves that we could hike into and do some hanging from. Be it a short 3 or 4 mile hike, or we could do a bit longer one that would be 10-15 miles for a weekend get together. Or, there are litteraly hundreds of spots that we can park our cars at, walk about 3 feet, and setup a hammock on a 1000+ year old Redwood tree! (that is, if you bring a long enough tree straps - grin)

I know it is getting to be the raining season up here, but everywhere else it is getting to be snow season, so the Redwoods provide for us a location to hang in without having to have all the extra ultra-cold gear in our packs.

Anyway, I guess that is about all I was wondering.