Yeah, I know. And I agree. I prefer to drive a vehicle that's solid, reliable, and performs well rather than one with a lot of useless bells and whistles that is more likely to stay in the shop. Shiny, fancy, and trendy is not my style. The same philosophy applies to my gear. I want it to first and foremost get the job done. Without fail. Once that objective is accomplished, I'll try for refinement and improvement, but without sacrificing basic performance. Since I'm new to hammocks (although my first jungle hammock experience was in 1964) and since I'm having to re-gear after my son moved to Portland, Maine and took our shared gear with him, and since I will be doing some camping in Maine (it's pretty chilly there sometimes even when it's supposed to be warm) I thought it best to start with the top-of-the-line and see if improvements are needed from there. The 'MacGuyver' in me will keep me tinkering with the 'system' for it's entertainment value if for no other reason. Meanwhile, these quilts are soooo nice. They're worth a small, tolerable snit fit from time to time.