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    Yeti question

    I have a BB and love it. I like the size and weight of the Yeti and know I won't be disappointed with quality, but am worried about versatility. This may be a general question about UQ's, not sure, but with the Yeti being on side channels, is it easy to get a gap in the head or foot end for warmer nights or is it necessary to push the whole quilt up over your head or at least well out of the way to get a decent amount of air in there?

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    Those limited nights when it has been too hot for yeti I have not noticed enough cooling power in that maneuver where one pulls yeti so that the head end opens little.

    Best cooling is to push the yeti so that it does not go over to Your left shoulder, that is easy (happens sometimes by accident) and effective.

    But You must understand that without vapor barrier (like tent floor, space blanket or the deluxe version yeti liner (deluxe versions seems to be disappeared from Warbonnets web store, only mentioned in the text)) the yeti seldom is too hot if there is need for it in the first place (temperatures under 70-75 F and under 20-22 C). Even if You will get hot Your perspiration will go partially through yeti and it does not make You feel damp.

    That is the meaning of the words "I was toasted", very warm but not soaking in Your own sweat. IMHO.

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