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    2010 Hammocking gear sale extravaganza! Hammocks, tarps, sleeping bag setup

    Taking all of my experience i've generated over my 2010 hammocking season (my first year camping out of hammocks), I've culled a lot of gear from my equipment closet, that I plan on replacing over the winter for use in 2011 spring season.

    Hammocking gear:

    Hennessy Hammocks Ultralight Backpacker Asym. (HH ULB-A)
    -2QZQ full length *Right-side* zipper modification
    -10ft Whoopie-slings, from Opie on this site, Grey in color
    -Hennessy Snake-skinz
    -Hennessy 70D 10x12 Hexagon Tarp
    -Factory "short" 1" webbing straps

    Rig is basically everything you would need to hammock except for a set of Carabiners (I am keeping my Metroulius biners for my planned 2011 setup). The factory ridgeline blewout on me one night so I replaced it with Amsteel Blue. I left some extra so you can adjust the length, and therefore hanging angle.

    $150 shipped anywhere in the CONUS.

    Hennessy Hammocks "Scout" hammock - SOLD TO HOOCH

    Big Agnes 40* Pitchpine sleeping bag LEFT-SIDE HALF ZIP

    -Clearview Mummy blowup pad
    -Cut-to-fit Thermarest Z-pad (use in conjunction with air-pad for insulation and/or comfort
    -Stuff-sack, lofted storage bag
    E: To clarify this bag is the shorter version. It's for people UP TO 5'10" (My height) and its comfy/snug. It also weighs in right around 17 or 19OZ IIRC

    $250 for bag, air pad, foam pad, shipped.

    All gear is serviceable and should not be damaged. Only for sale because I have a planned shelter system I want to try out in 2011
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    I'll take the snake skins if you will part it out! PM me please!

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    Not looking to part out the trimmings just yet. If somebody wants to buy the HH ULBA or Scout without accessories, then I would be willing to part out the other bits afterwards.

    This goes for all items in this ad.

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    PM inbound on the Scout.
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