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    Mississippi Hangin'...

    Just thought I'd share some specs and, also, some pics I took from my first hang. It was a joyous day.

    Here's the weight of my basic setup...

    Hammock - 262 g
    Carabiners - 56 g (28 g each)
    Rope - 72 g (36 g each)
    Lashing [Tree] Straps - ??? They don't come off the tree.

    TOTAL - 390 g = 13.8 oz

    I also picked up a cheap camo tarp (5.5' x 7.5'), which only weighs 450 g, which is just under a pound. Unfortunately, I think I'm gonna have to use this as a ground sheet if anything at all. Ordered a 12'x12' for some REAL camping. Should be a few ounces under two pounds.

    And the tulle that I'm using for a bug sock shouldn't be but a few ounces.

    Overall, I should be able to get EVERYTHING down to about 2.5 pounds when I replace everything with amsteel.

    Ahh... My first hang...

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    Greetings at last.

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