I made an loop with an overhand knot with both of the web straps and then use the ring buckle system for attaching the hammock to the trees with webbing I bought at EMS. I'm going to replace the hammock webbing with some rope to cut down on the weight. I've found, however, that sliding the hammock up the webbing before getting into it seems to improve the lay of the hammock.

For inside pockets, I just tied a rope with a tautline hitch through the loops on the inside of the bug net. It gives me a clothsline running the length of the hammock and can be adjusted for tension after I've set the hammock up. I then took a zip lock bag and attached a loop of duct tape to one side near the top, just under the zipper, punched a hole in the duct tape, and use a $1 carabiner from Walmart to attach the bag to the line. I can slide it up and down the line.