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Doctari stuffs everything but his TQ into one stuff sack. Me? I'm still trying to figure this out myself...so far I have almost decided what UQ to get.
The stuff sack (Black Bishop Bag) is sized to just fit in the bottom of my ULA OHM pack, so there is NO issue with how to pack, it goes in first. What is in the BBB: WBBB double layer, 1X underquilt from Moly Mack Gear, Bear Burrito Oven from Arrowhead gear, a 3/4 length UQ I made from a kit from Ray Jardene (Alpine upgrade) WhoOpie slings & my knit sleeping hat / pillow. It all fits fairly easily, taking about 2 minutes to stuff as long as I don't hurry. If I hurry, it takes about 5 minutes
I have done tests with 3 stuff sacks, & taking off the RayWay Quilt & putting it in a separate stuff sack takes about 1 - 1.5 minute & the hammock still takes about 1.5 min. The thing that makes me like my way is not saving the 0.5 minute packing time, it's the set up speed I'm after: Literally under a minute using the BBB. I don't have to rig the UQ every time. It's always in place. Step by step: tie on head end tree hugger (W Dutch clip) 5 seconds, walk to other tree 10 seconds, tie on foot end tree hugger 5 seconds, hook on WhoOpie sling, walk to other end hook on WhoOpie, adjust head end walk to foot & adjust that: 20 seconds. Total time (Not counting tarp) 40 seconds. Putting in & opening No Sniv adds another 10 - 20 seconds & I am home. The tarp (Yet another story) is about a 3 minute rig.
I have no idea how long it would take to put on / take off the BBO & the 1X each time. I don't care, they are staying as they are.

So, if I am about to be POUNDED by a thunderstorm, & as long as I do not hurry, I can be up in 5 minutes or less. With 90% of the hammock set up being under cover.

Next video I'll show all components & set up then take down.

The BBB is homemade by me and has seen hundreds of uses. I need to replace it, but don't have the heart to retire it.