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    down quilt question

    I may be thinking too hard here but I was wondering.
    Is it necessary to add fabric (1/2 height of baffle) to top and bottom fabric at each end of quilt to keep the volume of the end compartments equal to the middle compartments or do you all just figure less down for the smaller volume? (see diagram) There is less volume if you don't add the extra material that a baffle would provide, yes?

    Also, what's a good width for the drawstring channel on end of quilt? Too narrow would prevent gathering I would think.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    a 1/2" tube (after stitched) is good. i sometimes use sil, cause it is slippery and abrasion resistant, also alot stronger than 1.1. cord slides through it very well.

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    I plan to use a design similar to the pic posted, so there is no flat end, and causing the one side to have to wrap around the side. that way it could be more easily reversed upside down. so it can be white on one side, green on the other, all season camo (sort of) quilt!

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