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    Potomac First Hang!

    My Potomac arrived today. I am very pleased to say the least. First I was amazed at how light the package was when the mailman dropped it in my hands.
    Then I opened the box and out pops this huge quilt!

    Needless to say the afternoon plan of putting the snow tires on the car was history.
    Instead it was out into the backyard for a trial run.

    I am in the hammock in this picture. The quilt fits like a glove on the Hennessey. Setup was very easy and fast. The complete coverage is fantastic.
    It was a bit of a cold day here in Ontario, about 40 degrees. Layed around for an hour with just a light shirt and jeans, and was very warm.

    The quilt weighs in at 863 grams on my digital scale, with full suspension.
    Fit and finish of the quilt is perfect. Not a stitch out of place. Great job Paul, your quilts do indeed......Kick ***.
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