Ok gang here is a couple of web sites for you to check out. Here is the story of how this came about. I was at Wal-Mart looking around ( no mystery fabric) but I found some aerogel insoles called toasty feet I could not find a price on them so I took them to the checkout and found out the price was $5.00. For that price I thought I would try them and get some info off the package about aerogel. I went to the web sites and even called the company in Memphis that made the insoles. I'm trying to get them to part with some material for a pad. They are to call me back today. If this stuff is as good as talked about a pad 1/4 in thick would be all you need for really low temps. A 1/8 in pad would probably cover anything above freezing. Anyway on these 2 web sites are lots of information about this material. Be open minded and look for possiblites in our line of interest reguardless of what it is marketed for. On the Aerogel site be sure and look at the products overview then the data info. Ok all you DIY's have at it. tnhillbilly http://www.polarwrap.com/cat.html http://www.aerogel.com/