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That was great! especially at the end! ... Wish I was there with all ya all.
Well thank you ... and yeah getting out there and doing it is the best part!

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Another great video. Certainly a fun series to watch.

Keep up the good work, cause I'll never get tired of watching this stuff. Now I just need to start participating.
Well thank you ... and yeah ... get out there and enjoy thoses wooded places! Keeps a smile on your face when you do!

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Bravo Hawkeye...I had to watch them all twice!
Well ... very happy that you enjoyed them! Hope you'll like the last one ... putting a couple little tricks in on number 4 and it does show a special little hidden campsite that Hickery, Finn, Mtncmpr, JerryW and I shared last Sunday night. Man we had a great time around the fire and saw an exceptional sunrise that next morning!