Hey All,

Before I post this over at BPL I thought I'd give some of my friends here at HF a shot at it

Yeah, I know... it's a tent... but we all know that most of you still have family members who haven't see the light beneath their hammocks yet...

So, here it is...

TarpTent Moment -- 2010 model. http://www.tarptent.com/moment.html

TarpTent Moment 'Liner' - http://www.tarptent.com/doublerainbowliner.html (this thing really really helps)

*Factor* Seamsealed. This is not an advertised service, but they will do it for a fee. I figured I'd just pay them to know it's done 'right'.

I did *not* buy the cross-bar for heavy wind.


This has been setup twice.

Both times in my backyard, on dormant grass, zero rocks, zero sticks.

The first time it was setup in very nice weather for about an hour, as I tested to see if all of my gear would fit inside of it (it did, with a whole lot of room left over.)

The second time was last week during a rain storm. I really wanted to test out how it would handle the rains we get up here in the middle of the Redwoods. We had 42 straight hours of rain. There was a break for about 5 minutes one day so I ran outside and set it up (which takes about a 70-seconds until you get good at it, some dude on youtube did it in under 50-seconds!!) and threw all of my stuff in it and spent about half the night in it. I was not all that tired so I did not sleep for more than 4 or 5 hours.

So why am I selling it?

Honestly, I did not like the depth of the bathtub.

That's it. That is the only reason. If the bathtub was about 2 inches higher I would 100% be keeping this.

But for me, living in a place that has rain for 3, 4, sometimes 5 and 6 days straight, I want a bathtub that is a bit higher.

If I lived somewhere that got snow, it would be fine. If I lived somewhere where it only rained for a night this would be fine.

For me, though, I do not want to risk my down quilts, down sleeping pad, and all of my New Zealand Merino wool clothing in a tent with a shallow bathtub.

I am not saying it is faulty, it is not. It just gives me pause for concern, within the environment in which I choose to live.

Tent highlights:

Uber fast setup!! After you figure out the tricks to setting this sucker up, you can have it setup in under 60 seconds.

Amazing room! I am 6'2 and easily lay down inside of it. It is wide enough for my Exped Down 7 pad.

It is already seamsealed (including inner bathtub) directly from the manufacture of the tent.

Amazing air flow! Once you learn the tricks of using the foot/head ends of this tent to allow air flow, along with the top vents, and setting up the sides, this thing has some pretty amazing air flow (which, of course, prevents condensation - this is a single wall tent after all.)

Very good bathtube/floor material. If you are somewhere where there are a lot of rocks/needles, you might want to throw down a GossamerGear Polycryo Ground Cloth, but the tent floor material seems to be thick enough to handle grass or soft dirt (I did not set it up in dirt, just dormant grass.)

Seriously lightweight!! This is the reason I bought it. A one-person 3-season tent that setups in ~60 seconds, and weights only 28.5 ounces (810g)!!!

Not so hot features:

Somewhat shallow bathtub. Again, this is all dependent upon your environment and needs.

Some condensation. The insert that you snap into place (btw, one of the loops is sewn in on the wrong side, so one snap does not work, you could probably contact tarptent and get it replaced, it did not bother me) really really helps. I first tried it without the liner and yeah, had some minor condensation. After I put it up, totally solved the issue. It is not a "fault" of this tent, it is simply a nature of the single-wall tent world.

Lets talk price...

I paid exactly $297.52 for this tent, the liner and the seamsealing.

I really do not want to take a major lost of investment on this.

Especially considering it has only been slept in for about 5 hours.

I got nailed for taxes... so if you live in California, I will split the taxes with you - that seems fair - so lets do $270 - which will include shipping. So you will be saving half our insane taxes and most of the shipping fees.

If you are outside California, but within the USA, I have a hard time justifying you paying for our stupid over-the-top taxes we have here... so lets do $260 - which will include shipping. So, this is $5 bucks less that what it would cost, not including shipping, so you are saving shipping +5 bucks (for my 5-hours of sleeping it it - grin)

If you are from outside the USA, I will want an initial $280 up-front, with an agreement that you will cover any additional costs beyond the first $20 bucks that it will/might cost me to ship it to you. I am willing to trust that you'll honor sending an additional payment after the initial payment and once I actually get it mailed out, should it cost more than $20 bucks for me to mail it to you. Kinda think this is a fair deal. Sorry but I cannot pre-calculate how much it will cost. So, I figure an initial $20 bucks with some honor that you'll cover the rest, if it requires more than 20 bucks, for shipping it overseas, sounds like it should work out. I rarely send stuff overseas so I just have no idea of costs involved. I would suspect it has to do with how fast you want it and via which transportation service you want it sent by (I can do USPS, UPS and Fedex only)

All of those seem pretty fair.

Remember, this is a factory seam-sealed tent, for which there is a cost above and beyond the standard $245 price.

I will ship it anywhere in the CONUS in it's original box.

Payment via PayPal (Personal->Gift)

This is the same price I will list it for at BPL if nobody here picks it up in the next few days. I think I'm going to be pretty firm on this price. So basically you are saving shipping fees if you bought it direct, plus a few extra bucks. Not much, I totally know and understand. I feel bad about it, but come'on, it's got 5-hours of usage. Give a little love my way