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    webbing and susp.line of the WBBB

    had just the initial impressions of my new Blackbird .

    first was amazed by its weight and volume when I had it in my hand, but yes it was really a double layer..
    Also the bishopsack is great ! Hanging the hammock is now done in a few seconds. Hammock is in it and only the 2 carabiners are outside of it.
    Like it even more than the snakeskins!
    The hammock is big and has some more sag than the HH, feels like drowning almost but it's comfortably. I'm sized 6'03" but also comfortable in the HH-exped.

    Okay, what about the webbing?!

    The webbing-suspension looks strong enough but when I take a look at the loop- line ( the one between the hammock and the buckle)'s only 3mm!!! Will it be strong enough? It loops through the buckle with the same sharp edges designed to have a better bite in the webbing...
    The suspensionline of the HH is 7mm!
    Of course twice 3mm is already 6mm but it will have only to cut through 1 line to get me down!

    I also made a half hitch to secure it close to the buckle but it looks like this makes it easier for the webbing to get twisted in my buckle..(see attach.) The thin 3mm line shifts a bit and the buckle is not optimal in line with the suspension.
    Someone else experience with this?

    Finally, I find it less comfortable to sleep with the head to the right. In the HH my face will be close to the netting but in the BB the fabric chokes a bit, fabric goes straight up on the right side..This is not on the left side..Is it the price for the shelf feature? I sleep well with face to the left and at that side enough fabric, so no problem to me, but sometimes it's nice to change sides in the hammock . No problem in the HH but I don't think I will do this in the BB.. Also tried to change to the other end of the hammock, so head at the footend. At that side I can sleep with the head to the right but I don't think I will do that during the night.. and I guess I will have a issue with my 3/4 UQ then...

    But, I'm happy with the hammock, so hopefully the forum members have some good tips...
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