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    Im hoping instead, more people take up hammocking and they get to the point where it wont freak them out anymore when they see us hanging almost anywhere we please! It would be just as common as seeing someone walking their dog.

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    Or sleeping under the bushes.

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    Ray Jardine, claims to have coined the Phrase "Stealth Camping". I do not know about that. I was Stealth Camping probably about the time Jordine was making a name for himself. Really close in age, and sort of traveled in the same groups. It was a pretty select group of folks back in the late 60's early 70's. Not very many of us and we kind of knew each other either by sight or reputation.

    I started with the invisible camps because I am female, and travel alone. It is better to be invisible, easier to avoid any problems that being a single female alone presents. When I had children we made a game of blending in with our surroundings. These days it just depends on where I am camping. I have a ENO DN that is very obvious, my Hennesseys blend in. My tarp I use when Kayaking is bright orange, just incase I have some sort of emergency. Sometimes it is helpful to be seen.

    I even carry the stealth vs obvious in my clothing, I have clothing that makes me almost invisible, in the shade or when the light is fading. I have really bright stuff that almost no one can miss. Just depends on the situation.

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