I just read the thread about patent infringement... don't get me started on that

...and an idea struck me i'd like to get into public hands, has anyone tried running a rope from one eno slap strap to the other tight, like a structural ridgeline? then you could still hang the hammock from the straps and adjust your sag and not have to run a seperate ridge line for cosmetic reasons or w/e

I've never used a structural ridgeline, for starters I like sag thats why i prefer hammock over ground, but adjusting it is something i like to do sometimes keep my butt off the ground or get comfortable

let me know if there's a thread on that or any photos, i'll try it next time i hammock and try to get photos

I think that would be really cool, maybe just have one long slapstrap, you could use the extra loops to hang gear on, hang your hammock and connect your tarp to it