The 3S incubator arrived Friday! Long story, but it arrived after we had departed for the Tx hang (no worries!).

Anyway, we got home Sunday from the hang, cleaned up the gear, then decided to open the box. We got the hammock stand out, hung Pam's BB, and attached the incubator. I was wondering how long it would take until we decided we would have to order another one. It actually took LESS time than I anticipated. Once we got it hung over the foot box, she smiled and the deal was done.

I haven't ordered the next incubator... yet. I'm going to try out the 2/3 UQ this weekend and let her have the incubator (yes, I am a VERY GOOD husband).

This might be the single most beautiful, well made piece of gear I've ever purchased, and I've got a room full of gear. The attention to detail is unbelievable.

Just to give an idea of timing, I ordered the UQ on 10/4 and it arrived 11/12. IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!

Thanks Adam and Jenny! You guys are the bomb. I hope business is always booming.

Pics coming soon.