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Or loopshackle? Just splice in the diamond knot a couple inches back up the standing line, and have the end loop around and hook into the knot.
Diagram included for lack of descriptivity:

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I'd go with a soft shackle. Just can't see how you'd make a continuous loop that small.
Guys soft shackles and loopshackles don't exist.......la la la la la I can't hear you and they don't exist.
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you talking about the suspension triangles? why not connect the them to the hammock via larkshead?
I wan tis to be easily removable because it is for my new bridgskin. I should have put those metal triangles on the corners but it is too late for that.
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If you used 1/8 " or 1/4" amsteel and if you could only get a 1/2" bury on either side of the brummel, you would technically be hanging on the brummel, but should be OK, b/c whatever the brummel derates the line strength to should still be within your load range b/c of the initial high strength of the thicker line. Make sense?
I tried this last night but the 1/2" bury cam out. Then I made a 2" shackle with a 1" bury and that seamed to work. I will have to test it out to see if it will hold some weight.