Heading off to hike the LI Greenbelt Trail this weekend (Sat-Mon).

it's about a 34 mile trail going north to south on Long Island.

Just got off the phone with the trail conference and 2 parks that I need to check into before I hit the trail....

I was looking to do about 8-10 miles day one but it appears I have to change my approach due to the fact I am not allowed to go through Caleb Park on Monday which means I have to get through it Sunday. This is causing me to make day one a 14 miler. That's way more than I've ever done but I'm excited. the last 3-4 miles will probably be at night luckily its relatively even terrain so I should crank out the miles.

Its a big first for most of my gear. Base weight is at 10.5lbs with a 20lb total pack weight. Gonna hit low 30s with highs between 47-54 during the weekend. Projected to be sunny most of the weekend.

Video will be up before thanksgiving as I'm off the rest of the week