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    Cat Cuts On A DIY Hennessy

    I had an idea pop into my head the other night and I just thought I would put it out there. I have so many other projects going on and so many more to do that I will probably never get around to make a test hammock.

    What you see in the picture below is you basic rectangular hammock outlined in read. By using the locations of the asymmetrical tie outs on the sides as reference, I had thought about adding cat cuts on the side (outlined in black). There would be 2 cat cuts per side. I have no idea how this would effect the way the hammock lays, if at all. Maybe some one can try it and see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by headchange4u View Post
    I have no idea how this would effect the way the hammock lays, if at all. Maybe some one can try it and see.
    Interesting! Seems like you'd have to lay straight in it though, since there's not much room for sleeping on the diagonal. Maybe if it were made fairly wide?

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    the part of the fabric you would be cutting out, supports the corners of the fabric where the pull tabs are located, like where the weight of your feet is supported for instance. removing that fabric will effect things if you put your feet or upper body right near the edge, it won't have support there like it does now, all the force will go to the curve, which will tend to flatten out, lowering your feet or shoulder or whatever in the process. i'm guessing it wouldn't be a benificial lowering, but who knows. i think the deeper the curve, the less support/more lowering of that area will occur.
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