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    Redwood, I can't speak for Smoke but I would really like if you could go ahead and send me the slings so that we could evaluate what is going on with them. I have thousands of them out there in the world and if there is something we can or need to do to modify how they are being made I want to do it. Also if you can qualify some details for us like height and weight that may help to, but I have guys that are over 400 pounds (let alone that I hang on mine nearly every day, sometimes alone and some with my wife and or kids(also close to 400 pounds of load)) on my slings for over a year now and so I am really curious to see what might be happening to give you trouble.
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    Redwood Guy - my first thought, which I'm sure you have had also, would be to check for dirt being carried into the constrictor. If you are going from full out to full in a lot and the cord is coming into contact with a redwood or webbing that is in contact with a redwood, then the cord could be picking up a lot of debris from the bark and carrying that into the constrictor.

    In my experience redwood bark has a lot of "dirt" imbedded in it. That would foul the constrictor and quickly cause a "jam". Small dirt particles can foul anything that relies on two parts sliding against each other.

    Also, if the rope is picking up any sap and carrying that into the constrictor, then the sap is going to act like glue and "jam" the constrictor.

    Just my first thoughts.

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    Grizz's triple wrap single descender ring method works a lot like a NiteIze Figure 9 but w/o the weight limitations and it's not as hard on the rope. It also makes efficient use of the rope because it doesn't have to double back on itself for the full length like a whoopie. I've used it for indoor hangs but have been a bit nervous about relying on it in the woods. Think it's time to get over concerns about it slipping and start using it.
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