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    I just completed my new bridgeskin pack. It is just your ordinary average DIY gearskin pack.

    It is nothing special except....

    It unfolds into a bridge hammock.

    I have been working on this for quite some time getting advise from one of the best places...Hammock Forums. I would get Bridge advise from Grizz. Who also sent me the digital camo pack material. (Grizz also can give some sound advise on removing unsightly body hair, Thanks Grizz ). Cameronjreed's catskin was what I used for all my dimensions. He had some of the best picture of a gearskin I could find. Warbonnetguy unknowingly has chimed in with materials. The catcuts are done with the help of lvlephS spreadsheet.

    You see this isn't my bridgeskin pack it is the forums. Collectively we all contribute to each other. It is the people's gearskin if you will. Just don't ask to borrow it.

    It is made from some awsome pack material that Grizz sent me for prostituting my machining skills to make the body of the pack. The wings that make the hammock are some matching ripstop that I scored from Walmart. It has a large mesh pocket for my tarp and the suspension is removable. I am particularly proud of how the shoulder straps turned out. It is made from Walmart blue groundpad that I tourched just a little to round the corners and firm it up. Then I covered it with the pack material and quilted it so it stay in place. I have made some packs before and the shoulder straps turned out by far the best. I still may add load lifters and a sterum strap if I feel it still need it. The seam that attaches the pack to the wings is a modified rolled seam that has velcro sewn in so the wings are rolled up and safely tucked away while hiking. It takes about 5 minutes to go from pack to set up hammock. The mesh pocket on the outside will hold my personal items when it is in hammock mode. My z-rest becomes the backrest of the pack. I will use a trash compactor bag inside the pack to keep every thing dry and together although the pack material is waterproof.

    All I need in the pack is a quilt, a couple snicker bars, and a roll of toilet paper.
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