Blame Iafte that v2 isn't done yet. He got me putting all my energy into the vintage hammock contest.
Adam you should prototype a bridge before you attempt a a bridgeskin anyhow so you can work out the details and dimension that work for you. The size and shape of the hammock will be up to you anyhow. Besides a bridge is a quick and easy project.
My plan is to start on this before X-mas and get it done the end of January. I would plan on another hammock for Mt Washington. However I will probably be there with V1 again. I have a trip to grand canyon that I have been modding and making gear for right now. V2 has been in my head and I believe all the details are worked out.

I still have my wife's quilt, tarp and HH clone to make this winter. I guess I better stop spending all my time on HF and get to work.