Okay guys,

I have my poncho liner here. It has ties on each corner and in the center of each side.

How do I fasten it to the hammock in order to get a "poormans underquilt". NEO says he uses one in this application. It's rarely below 50 here in Florida, so the liner should be enough.

I have read and looked at Speer's and Jacks r Better's pages on the subject. And everyone else's pages I can find. I know how to tie the cord to the hammock line. The rest is a mystery. (Since I have never seen one in the flesh.)

My questions, specifically are.
1.Shock/ elastic cord needed (Yes or No)
If yes, does WalMart sell it or do I have to mail order?

2. Are there side to side ropes/ ties/ lanyards? to pull it up to the hammock body?

3. Can I at least test the concept without sewing?

Any and all help appreciated.