Ok, It is now 4:14 here in Ohio and while I am on "break" I thought I would see what was up on HF.....

I will be attempting to address this issue via pm with the OP but I just wanted to get a few things straight since the OP decided to make this a public thread.

There has not been a price increase at Hammock Gear since the name change and we launched the new site back July. Period.

When we launched the new name we made quite a few changes. One of the things we did was offer the option of 800 fill power goose down verses 900 fill power goose down. We changed some of the price points to reflect these new options. Custom addons such as length and/or extra ounces of overstuff also effect the final checkout price. All of these changes were implemented 4 months ago.....nothing has changed since then.

There do appear to be a few $10 discrepancies that I have only just noticed but I will get those taken care of right away.

Since the OP deleted his OP, I do not know what he was specifically referring to. Honestly I have looked over my site for anything that was "$100" more than before. I can not find it. Maybe someone can send me the link to my site that has this new price point?

I will close with something positive.

Thanks to you guys out there for your support. Jenny and I put a lot of weight on comments and emails that we receive. The good and the bad ones.