Thanks All

The quilt loops is a good idea . . . and I had thought of that some.

The curling up or shifting I didn't think of . . .

Are you going to backpack with this? Typical quilt batting doesn't compress/uncompress very well.
Yes, but maybe with a sled in the snowy winter,
so I wouldn't be concerned with a tight pack
My batting experiments (cheap was the goal) created some really flat batting that never re-lofted.
This stuff comes very tightly folded and rolled,
but maybe after repeted times it wouldn't re-loft ???

I think the tightest packing of it will just be in a suff sack and not to compressed.

I thought I would try this stuff for a couple of reasons,
1. it is cheep
2. it can happen right away
3. the vest I wear is stuffed with this stuff and it keeps me real toasty.

PICS . . . but ov course . . .