Has there been any tests to use this as a hammock tarp.


I calculated that it is long enough for Blackbird. Setup would be quite high, it can be hanged over the Hammock (no use of center pole), peak has got loop for hanging. One line from tree to tree and peak can be hanged over that from another line for example, or if some tree branch would be available, then one could use that.

Hammock would be at the other side of the shelter, if one lets the one corner to be right side of the hammock then hammock suspension would go to the trees right about corners next to it. "Tarp" suspension should be asymmetrical to allow that to happen.

After that there would be two corners left, one could be used as a door. And the other corner area for gear.

With this kind of "tarp", there would be nice space to stand around under it. Actually even 36" over the hanging horizon, as the manufacturer suggest to use pole that high if the shelter is used at ground level without any ventilation opening at the base.

But realistically hanging would be lower, and hammock suspension would form support for little A-frame type layout.

What do You think? Give Your guestimates now, I have ordered one to test it and will report what happens. It should be here latest early next year.