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I finally got a chance to try it this evening. Like you suggested Grizz, I just used amsteel blue 1/8" which looked about the same size as the HH suspension cord (it looks like spyder line maybe?).

Anyway, it works great! I used a 12" bury and man it holds tight, no slipping at all and thats without putting shockcord or anything on the free end. Marked the cord, then laid in it for about 15 minutes twisting around and what not, then checked it - right on the mark. Saaweeet!

Had a little trouble getting it started in, I had to cut the inner core back a little and just start the sheath first, then it went fine. Like some one here showed, I used the B string off my guitar (an excuse to put new strings on it) for the fid, (which beats the plastic yarn needle I used last time hands down). It probably doesn't really matter but its somehow pleasing to me not to have the double length of cord that I have with the whoopie slings on my WBBB.

Thanks for the tips and videos, all.
greggg3 - I thought about doing this also. Could you post a few pics so I can get a look at your rig? Thanks, JC