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    backpack/gearskin should and hip straps

    I know some of you guys have made your own packs and most recently the awesome gearskin bridge hammock. What i am wondering is did you start with the straps from another pack or did you make them from scratch. and if so. how?

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    There was a thread about 6 weeks ago of a catskin.
    And someone posted using a walmart gunsling as a shoulder strap. I almost bought 2 for my bridgeskin. I think they would work well. Twice I had them in my cart only to put them back on the shelf. I wanted my DIY project to really be DIY. However I think it would be a good way to go. Once you have the shoulder straps the rest of the gearskin is just a piece of fabric 13" x 60" with straps tacked on. You could buy a cheap Walmart back pack and steal the shoulder straps. I don't plan on using a hip belt but I left room for it if I change my mind. I think you could probably buy a used pack from ebay or a garage sale and take what you need. Of course they also sell gearskins and since I used his design I hope he sells many.
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    i want good padding not just cheap padding

    i may try making some straps with a layer of ccf for stiffness to spread the load and a layer of open cell foam or memory foam under that to conform to the shape of the shoulders and collar bones without creating pressure points.

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