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    kelty line of tarps seem like a good starting point

    i'm just starting to assemble my hammock kit. i just recived my wbb 1.1dbl last week and am starting to look at tarps. my first choice would be a cuben. money being what it is, i'm thinking for the time being i would just get by with a more modest kelly tarp.( the first few outings will be motorcycle camping so weight isn't a big factor. either a 9square or 12. with the 9(assuming my math is correct) that makes a 12 3/4' ridgline. is this big enought? or would i be better off getting a 12? this brings up another question- has anyone created doors useing an oversized tarp( without cutting it down) by just folding?
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    Yea the 9 is about 13 feet on the diagonal. I have both the 12 and the 9 and I prefer the 12. It is really too long to hang on the diagonal but if you hang it square it provide enough coverage for a nice poarch and you can run the ends in for doors.

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    I think with the BB being as big as it is [mine should be here on Tuesday!] I'd go with Riverpirate's suggestion of the 12'. I have the 9', it usually does family car camping duties now, but I used to hammock with it over my ENO and I'd string it out diagonally. I'd be concerned a little about coverage on the BB though.
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