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Thread: Shipping times

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    Shipping times

    During the last review about Ticket To The Moon, I've read that the big disadvantage of this company, they are base in Bali, so it s a problem for the shipping times. But 5 or even 10 days for an order from Indonesia seems a good shipping times.

    I' ve recentlty read that an UPS shippin from Hennessy it ' s 7 business days.

    So there is not a big difference. And I really would know what is the shipping time that ENO or Hennesy is it, for an order to Europa for example?
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    No shipping times aren't THAT bad but I was was assuming that most US based companies could get an item to you within 5 days, no matter where you are located in the US. If HH has 7 day transit times then 5-10 days from Bali is pretty good.
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