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    Hammock Gear PR at the highest level, I am humbled and indebted to you guys.

    I just wanted to post this to express to others how helpful the team at Hammock gear have been for me over the last few weeks.

    After a few email's backwards and forwards with Jenny and Adam over about 2 days I had decided which way I wanted to go etc with what quilts.
    There responses were always quick and answered my questions and any other grey area's I may have had which was as I expected going off the reviews on here and others delight in the quality of the gear.

    On the 11th October I placed an order for a 3 Season Crowsnest and Burrow with 900 fill down.....Now the wait.

    Then on the 2nd November I received the email I had been waiting for.......USPS shipping and tracking details from Hammock Gear.

    To say I was exited would be a bit of an underrated comment.......I was on the USPS tracking site every few hours trying to see where they were etc.

    Understandably I was a little distressed when I check to see the quilt's had arrived at customs "Mexico" !!!! WTF I'm in Australia.

    After a few quick emails with Jenny which I must say where very very quickly responded to it was discovered from USPS that the quilts were in Australia and it was a glitch in the tracking system.
    Jenny was just a concerned as me about them being send to the wrong location but USPS were adamant it was just a technical glitch for the tracking !!!
    Fewww, that's a relief, Gosh imagine if they had been lost or wrongly sent somewhere......

    Throughout all this I have been slowly ticking down the clock for a 5-6 night trip to Mt Kosciusko next weekend leaving 27th November, This would be the longest trip backpacking for me so far. Also the others I am travelling with are all ground campers so I'm keen to shown them how to hang in comfort (they all think I'll freeze and i'm keen to prove them wrong)

    I started to get a bit concerned early last week as the quilts were still showing as arriving in Mexico but they hadn't moved in a few days which was odd.
    Another few emails with hammock gear and a bit of frustration was showing through regarding USPS and there lack of care.
    It was at this stage that they started talking about an emergency quilt set so I could still go on my trip, I must say I didn't expect that one !!!

    I ended up calling Australia post as at this point USPS was still saying the quilts were in Australia.
    After a very short 3 minute hold I was quickly telling the lady the tracking code etc....Oh she says, they are actually in Mexico....They have been "rebagged" by USPS and resent on the 16th......
    Why USPS couldn't just tell Jenny this I don't know and also it was frustrating that none of this was appearing on the tracking website. Even now there is no update.
    Also the lady from Australia post said that the package will probably not arrive before the 27th, In other words, I was screwed without quilts.......

    Again back onto Jenny at Hammock gear and within about an hour the decision had been made that they would send out an "emergency" quilt set express mail so I could still go on my trip. Also it's worth mentioning that this was offered by them without me suggesting anything.

    I was so humbled that these guys could be so so helpful.
    Last Friday only about 24 hours after finding out the quilts had actually be wrongly sent to Mexico by USPS the team at Hammock gear had a replacement set in the post, express airmail on the way.

    How great is that for customer service.

    The "emergency" set will be a loaner TQ and the UQ will be the same as my spec's anyway and new.
    I can see what will happen now, I'll end up with two sets for the trip but there is no guarantee that will happen.
    As the emergency set is posted express mail they have a guarantee on the delivery so it will be a definite that at least they will be here. Guaranteed for delivery on or by the 24th November so I'm all set,

    None of this has been at the fault of Hammock gear, It's all been USPS but I can only express huge gratitude for the help and understanding that Jenny and Adam have had.
    Never in my life have I dealt with such an understanding small business that has gone so far beyond my expectations to have a quilt set "Lasered" to me for the trip....
    If anyone out there knows of other companies that would go to these length's to help someone out on the other side of the planet please let me know. I'm yet to find one....

    Thanks a bunch Jenny and Adam, You guys are the best.


    Any Aussies looking to buy a Crowsnest 3 Season with 900 fill, let me know.
    If the original package turns up I have discussed selling the "emergency" Crowsnest within Australia for Hammock Gear. It would be a great buy for another Aussie as for starters there will be a saving on the postage and the added plus of instant delivery.
    P.M me if your interested.
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