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    Tulle triangle thing.

    Another use for small pieces of tulle. A lightweight triangle thing uq suspension rig. The grosgrain binding stabilizes, minimizes the stretch of the tulle. Total weight including the soft shackle is ~3/8oz. Total cost based on $0.97/yd of tulle and $0.31/ft of grosgrain is ~$2/triangle.

    For the WB Traveler no triangle thing is needed. Just attach a light line via Prusik type of knot to the structural ridge line and attach your uq shock cord directly to that line. If you want to maintain the stock length of uq shock cord an Alpine butterfly loop can be easily tied to shorten the cord and if needed easily released. Not field tested. Seems to work fine indoors. Also useful "tool" to figure out the size of the triangle for your specific uq.
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