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    Wild early winter start in west!

    Very impressive, must be making for some interesting hikes for late fall hikers!

    I noticed the other day that Bellingham WA had snow and ice and slippery roads, and they seldom (as is the case with Seattle) get this kind of weather even in dead of winter. Now there are blizzard warnings in WA and ID etc:

    Yesterday, I read that Billings, MT set a snowfall record for the date. I think they got 12-14" or so, and the previous record was TWO inches! Talk about shattering a record!

    Only a couple of feet of snow so far, but notice below zero temps at Big sandy WY:
    This only shows last 7 days, but I had already seen temps just below zero a couple of weeks back.

    Alta, UT already has 60" on the ground and is expecting another 10-18 tonight with lows of minus 7. It is not even Thanksgiving yet, their traditional opening date! Look at this snowfall history so far this year, and notice the daily snowfall on OCT 31!:

    WhooBuddy! What a start for you western folks! Of course, that really doesn't determine what the rest of the winter will be like, experience has taught me.
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