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    My New BBO (Bear Burrito Oven)

    My AHE BBO (Bear Burrito Oven) arrived yesterday and I just had to set it up this morning. In a word: awesome! This thing is really nice and warm too. I didn't realize just how warm until I hung under it for a few minutes and then started to climd out. As soon as I opened the zipper on my Blackbird, I felt the difference in air temp, and there was no wind blowing either.

    I don't know that it rises to the level of "oven," it's more like a warmer, but I can understand why it's not called "Bear Burrito Warmer" if being sold on the Internet.

    It also takes up next to no space and is light weight. It looks great too. I think I will leave it on my Bird throughout the winter. It just stuffs right in to my WBBB stuff sack with the hammock and suspension.

    BTW, Paul's service is fantastic. He got right back to me with answers to pre-purchase questions, and I ordered it on Thursday and it was at my door Monday.

    If you have a WBBB you should really consider this addition!

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