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    Video: Backpacking the Standing Indian Trail loop

    4 members of the Alabama ATC left out Friday 11/19 for Standing Indian. We arrived around 2:00 PM EST hiked the Kimsey Creek Trail to Deep Gap and set up camp. 3 hangers in the group, SouthMark a senior member, myself (who has acquired the trail name of "Tuck and Roll" honestly), and ChiggerRed. Patty, still a ground dweller, but we are working on her and still trying to determine the perfect trail name. With SouthMark's experience instructed ChiggerRed on how to hang a hammock and answered questions for us less experienced on angles and ridgeline, which left SouthMark setting up in the dark. We had various set up's with temperatures down in the 30's. ChiggerRed had cold toes, but we all turned in early and slept till daylight. We packed up and headed to Standing Indian Shelter and had breakfast there. Met a through hiker finishing up his North to South through hike that started in June. This was my first experience on the AT, so it was quite interesting. I tried a FBC recipe for Rice pudding that no one liked, not even through hiker. Learned that if through hiker won't eat it no one will!
    We hiked the AT to Carter's Gap for night 2. Temperature around 40. Ate turned in getting ready to climb Albert mtn. Patty having knee issues decided to go around and ChiggerRed went with her, both had done Albert previously. At this point I'm wondering what have I gotten myself into, but enjoyed the challange of Big Butt and Albert mtn. Plan to meet back up at Big Spring Shelter and spend the last night, but we still have a couple of hours daylight and decided to continue on and find another place along Timber Creek Trail (toward the car) for the night. We found a great site on the Creek and spent our last night on the trail. Hiked out 2 miles to the car. Took our first shower in 3 days at the Standing Indian Campground and headed back to Bama.

    Awesome sites to see, I hope you enjoy the video I put together.

    Tuck and Roll's set up:
    WBBB - borrowed from Southmark
    HH Hex tarp modified guyline to close ends.
    Whoopie's and dutch clips
    MMG Shamu & 3 season Yeti
    Coldest night slept in Smartwool underpants, Precip pants, cuddle duds undershirt, columbia fleece, Mountain Hardware Down jacket, Smartwool socks and Sierra Designs Down booties. Warm as could be. Subsequent night had to shed some clothing.

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    Love it! Looks like you guys had a blast. Thanks for sharing your trip.

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