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Newbie here... bear with me.

Is this method strong enough for a Kelty Noah's Tarp 12 x 12 & (4) Kelty Adjustable Poles type set up?

* Lawson Equipment Reflective Glowire Cord 2.38mm
* Mini Line Lok 1-3mm
* MSR Groundhog Stakes

* I may use the Shock Cord as shown but thinking of perhaps not using shock cord and going with small carabiners to connect between the Glowire guy line and the Kelty Noah's Tarp attachment points. Using this tarp for car camp/Boy Scout use. Looking for an easy effective set up that will hold in bad weather still. Comments?_______

* Thinking of just tying a permanent loop at the stake end of the guy line

Thank You..
You would probably want to go with stronger shock cord (or double it up), but the main reason for using this method is to keep a SilNylon tarp tight. SilNylon has some stretch to it. I don't believe that the Noah's Tarp has that issue, but it might be nice for windy conditions and people stumbling around.