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    Thankful for Hammocks!

    Since we're having the kids and their families over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (they're all at the in-laws today), I got to go over to the university and set up my new hammocks.

    This is the first time I've been able to set up each hammock with all its components. The two hammocks are an HH Backpacker Ultralite and a Warbonnet Blackbird.

    The first up is a WBBB with an MLD green Cuben Hammock fly. I pitched the tarp with one side raised on hiking poles, then took it down close to the hammock as in bad weather. The MLD fly gives great coverage, and is very lightweight. Also included is an interior view, and a photo of the MLD tarp pitched lower for bad weather.

    The HHBU is clearly smaller, as well as lighter weight, than the WBBB. The fly is very small, and I will likely get a different fly for it.

    I haven't slept in either yet. While both are comfortable (BTW I am a side sleeper), 15 minutes in each doesn't tell the whole tale, I'm sure. The WBBB has the edge for comfort - very roomy, very comfortable in any position. Either hammock is a huge step up in comfort from sleeping on the ground!

    I find I like the bishop bag better than the snakeskins for the hammock. It seems than trying to squeeze everything into the very skinny snakeskins. On the other hand, I am getting snakeskins for my flies - they seem ideal for that: Put the fly up in the skins, keeping it ready to deploy if it rains but otherwise out of the way. I'll have to get or make a bishop bag for the HH.

    At this point I expect I'll use the WBBB on most backpack trips, and keep the HH for either longer trips when I really need to keep the weight down, or for my son when he hikes with me - he;s young and doesn't need the ultimate in comfort, right?
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    Enjoyed the report, Grampa. Heres hoping that you and your family enjoy a wonderful holiday together.
    Ken T.

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    Good read thanks for sharing!

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