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    Thumbs down Should I send this back? (Stupid Noob Question Alert!)

    I set my brand new HH hammock up last night and noticed some flaws. This is the first set up so these flaws aren't my doing [pictures are attached.] If you can't tell by the pictures, there are a few spots where the green hammock fabric is frayed under the black fabric along the seams. There is also a hole next to a seam on one of my snake skins.

    With how much of a hassle it was to get this hammock in the first place, I'm really hesitant to send it back to get it fixed/replaced. Should I just try to repair the flaws myself, or just go with my original plan of ignoring them? haha.
    I know they aren't a problem now but, I'm looking to use this hammock for a while and I know down the road the flaws will become a problem.

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    Is my snorin' gonna attract bears?

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