I've got a MacCat Deluxe in Sil on order -- Grizz Beaks on the way too. I just can't wait for a cold, wet, windy night...

I'd like to add panel pullouts to the MacCat for additional interior space and wind stability, but am stuck on how many per panel. I placed the order with a single per panel, but saw a post yesterday with two and it just looked *right*:


Brian is being patient with me, but I'd like to make a "final" decision soon. He's enjoying family time now, but hopefully will soon be working on my tarp...cause I'm like a kid at Christmas.

I just can't seem to feel comfortable either way, since I can't see/experience the difference. Then it hit me -- ask the experts -- you guys & gals!

So the questions is: How many pullouts per panel and where do they go?

Help Me!