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I didn't have any of those options. I was set up in the middle of a pasture at the top of a mountain.
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First of all, it was actually a Boy Scout trip, which explains my bad site choices.

Second, my normal go-to is just a tarp, but as you can see, I don't think that would have worked very well.
Two things here. First, as it was a scout outing, I understand how you had limited choices. I am a SM, but I am the only hanger in the troop thus far, and sometimes patrol campsites are "fixed" or limited. I will keep flexibility in mind for hammocking and tenting in the future. It is our goal to encourage independence at camping, so allowing scouts to range a few hundred feet further may be prudent in some circumstances. Had you been closer to the edge of the meadow, prehaps down the leeward side, you may have done better.

The other options you may have considered, were you to go to the ground with the Noah 9 is to pitch it low low low. I tried to find a picture, but this was the best I could come up with:

See how the back end is up? Try staking this down to the ground and have this pointing into the wind. If you don't have a pole to keep the end up, you could always tie this out to a tree (obviously you had at least two).

I assume you ended in another scout's tent, which is fine, but just remember to keep an open mind to trying new things. You did what you had to do, and that is not always an easy choice for your pride. You did just fine.