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    Winter test in a snow storm!

    This weekend the forecast promised cooler temperatures and light snow, something that usually is scarce in Denmark. So off course i had to do a little gear testing and check if both gear and me was up to standards. In the service there is a saying: Train hard - fight easy, when it comes to hiking and camping iīve made my own little analogy: Train hard - camp easy

    I deliberately found a windy unsheltered exposed campsite to find flaws in my technique/setup.

    Conditions faced where: temps of around 19dg fahrenheit with a windchill factor reaching around -9dg fahreheit.

    Here is some pics on the way out.

    After some recent threads on HF about falling trees, i wanted to make sure that i didīnt end up in the local newspaper, and after pushing my selected trees - this nearly missed my face(note the glove for size comparison) after this i of course found some other trees to hang from.

    Here is a pic of the "camp" after setting it up:

    After setting up camp it was Tea time with Tinny(and Stovemandan(Tanks for the tips Dan, they worked like a treat))

    After a short while i decider to retreat to comfort and luxury in the hammock, watching Avatar on the ipod. As you can see i am beginning to look a bit sleepy:

    After this i couldnt take any more pics - both my camera and phone went dead from the cold.

    All in all the trip was a success, i learned some important lessons:

    Wear thin gloves for dexterity(i only had ski gloves that didnt allow me to setup camp) i nearly got frostbite when packing down my gear.

    Wear gaiters; Snow filled shoes ainīt nice...

    Make sure your stove is placed on a firm ground, mine tilted several times - because it thawed underneath.

    Wear snow goggles, normal glasses are rendered useless in wind borne snow(they fog up and get covered with ice)

    A big tarp is useful for keeping snow out of your stuff!

    Get a headlight -much easier than holding an aluminum flashlight in the mouth!

    Keep electronics in a hot place, the batteries dont like the cold(or just get lithium batteries)


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