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    Whoopie Slings

    Whoopie Sling Construction

    While bored waiting for my hammock to come in, I decided to start playing with some of the AmSteel I recieved. (On a sidenote, the folks at Redden Marine are incredibly fast with their shipping - what a great company. I placed an order with them on Wed, it shipped on Friday and arrived here on Monday)

    Using an old busted guitar string as a splicing tool, I built a test whoopie sling. One end is a loop formed with a buried splice, the other is a thru-bury with the end of the line buried in itself. The entire project took less than 5 min. I'm simply amazed at how quick it was to build and how strong and light it is.

    Once the hammock arrives, I'll make a set for the suspension on it (with longer buries, of course! I wouldn't trust the 5" ones on the test sling I made).

    Many thanks to all of those that have contributed the know how on constructing these previously on this forum.

    edit: I realize this probably should have been posted in the DIY section. Mods, feel free to move it.
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