Has anyone tried more than one of the hammock sock variations who can give me some feedback to inform my choice of hammock sock (or no hammock sock, as the case may be)? I've been looking for something to take my 3 season set-up down to the single digits...or lower. Currently, I am using the following: GT UL or Nano7 hammock, WB Edge (in sil), GoLite Ultra 20 (older, less warm version) as TQ and 3 season Crowsnest as UQ. I also have a section of GG Thinlite for my lower legs and feet. This Fall I have been down to about 24 degrees 3 weeks ago in the Catskills and upper 20s last weekend in MA. Both times I stayed warm enough - in the Cats I augmented my insulation with a hot water bottle.

I have been looking at both MacIntyre's IX sock with SEEP and Poppa Smurf's "winter sock". The recent discussion about the lack of breathability in IX in Knotty's thread got me thinking about condensation issues and whether or not the IX sock would work for me. It seems like it would have to be a good deal warmer than just nylon and Momentum, but I don't want to spend $160 and get wet.

Has anyone tried both, or a similar configuration of DIY gear etc.? I am not an engineer, a physicist, or a chemist, nor do I have much of a mind for thermodynamics or some of the other technical jargon that gets thrown around in some of these threads. Can anybody lend wisdom on this subject to an ignorant layman such as myself? Cheers!