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Just to be contrary, I'm going to disagree with the others and suggest using end-to-end splices in the middle, not locked brummels. That way you have an adjustable ridgeline. Separate the two buries by 6" or so, and bring the ends of the buried pieces out again like a whoopie or a UCR. (Knot the ends.) The buries shouldn't slip on you, and the doubled section between them gives you a place to hang something so it won't slide out of reach to the end of the hammock.
i have mine in a really long whoopie configuration, the amsteel cord i had on hand was just a bit too short for my liking for an adjustable ridgeline, so i spliced a piece into the main section of line. the smaller section already had a fixed eye spliced into it from when i was practicing before i did it on my whoopie slings, and so i used a locked brummel to splice the smaller piece( the one with the eye in it) and the main piece (the one that was just a bit too small) together. Then i took the end w/o the eye in it and made a whoopie-like bury so that the ridgeline is adjustable. I think you misunderstood me but idk