Each Island in the Hawaiian Island chain of Islands, has wonderful, natural beauty that can sometimes be masked with danger. Please remember that our Islands consist of volcanic rock, NOT solid granite, and volcanic rock tends to sometimes crumble under ones footing in any given area, especially around waterfalls with areas of elevation and "scenic viewing spots of interest". !0 feet / 100 feet, it's all the same when you fall. Folks just disappear, sometimes. never found again on any of the Islands. Certainly NOT, trying to discourage folks from visiting our beautiful Islands, just trying to give you a little bit of "local advice" here.

Remore beach location are " ohh gawd, I'm the only one on the beach here, goodie, I can take off my clothes and get an all over tan". Yes you can, find those places still and yes, the cool Pacific Ocean will certainly invite you in AND, may then take you swiftly down the coast just feet away from the beach, which you can't reach, then gladly shuffle you off to Japan, or some other far off, distant land. "turn around, Don't Drown" is a local term used if one is not local to Hawaiian waters. Surfer's & boogie boarders here have made countless rescues due to uninformed visitors to our Islands that found a beach that "looked nice".

Recent travel books have come under fire due to there "misinformation" on different locations around the Islands here. Check, ask the "locals", the surfers, the boogie boarders about ocean conditions. Radio & the local TV news station most always give weather and surf conditions every few hours on a daily time frame. Listen, Ask & Observe before entering remote areas, "because nobodies around". True, and nobody to help you if you get in trouble.

Use common sense, Don't be afraid to ask questions, research the area that you do want to visit, don't "take a stupid pilll"l, right after you get off your flight, like some folks do...
The State of Hawaii has it's own beauty. Take advantage of it and enjoy your stay here!!
Aloha, KauaiSurfrider / Kauai K-9 Search & Rescue Unit, Kauai, Hawaii