Hi all. I am new the whole hanging thing. In fact, I don't officially have my hammock yet even though it was purchased in Oct. I have to wait until Christmas. It is a NWT HH Hyperlite that I could not pass up (think along the lines of a good price for a HH Scout - current free offer notwithstanding).

In any event, I got interested in trying all of this through some other leaders in my son's Scout troop who have been hammock converts for a while now. They are mostly using ENO hammocks with various tarps and insulation. I see this as a good way to lighten my load and reduce bulk and hopefully sleep better when backpacking .

When I started asking a bunch of questions about getting myself set up, one of the other leaders pointed me here to check things out. At this point, I am mostly interested in figuring out what the best insulation setup will be for what I do. I am not necessarily interested in DIY stuff at this point because I don't have the time or sewing skills, and it doesn't look like it is really a cost advantage based on what I have gleaned from reading here so far.

I look forward to learning and contributing here. Thanks for having me.